Span is your partner for battery charging, but did you know Span has a complete energy data collection system? Span’s VALiDATAr system measures and logs energy consumption to help implement energy efficiency solutions.

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Perform Energy Audits Using Our VALiDATAr Energy Management System



VALiDATAr is a modular approach to energy management that can be sized to fit any application. It can be a single instrument monitoring one factory circuit, or an array of modules permanently installed to become a building’s Energy Management System. It’s flexible. It can be rearranged or added to at any time. There are no useless features to pay for, and it is not limited in any capacity as one can incrementally add functionality by adding a single cost effective module.

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Standard, Multi-Bay, & Custom Battery Chargers

Span, Inc., is a 25-year-old company skilled in the art of designing and manufacturing custom battery chargers and other electronic products for aerospace, military, commercial, and consumer customers. Span’s design skills are particularly evident considering our successful lines of multi-bay battery chargers chosen by the most popular computer brands to be provided directly to their customers. The success of these efforts certainly has placed Span at the head of the class. We admit to a little pride in being chosen by these industry leaders to be included in their product lines. There’s also a bit of pride in the fact that Span is chosen over the years to provide battery chargers used by our first responders nationwide.

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So, whether you have smart battery chargers systems needs or other product development challenges, you can count on Span for a little extra spark of creativity that could make your day. Contact us for your free consultation today!

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